District 6 candidate forum on Housing

Oh, somebody video taped this. Personally I think all the candidate forums should at least be audio taped and put in MP3 and uploaded on the web, and that’s for portability while people are on the go. But here’s video of it, and there’s also a good writeup on Tenderblog with a comment by the organizer and moderator of the event, umbrage included, on September 12, at the Main Library

apparently the comment on Tenderblog about James Keys is true, because another independent comment on this youtube clip says the same thing

Dear Linda,

Thank you for sharing this clip. I was especially amused by James Keys excitedly jumping up and down to remind everyone how he was endorsed by outgoing supervisor Chris Daly.


David Elliott Lewis

and finally, I wish somebody would just record these things in MP3…These little recorders are pretty cheap these days

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