Crackheads of the Day #112

Most people think these are homeless people. Except they’re not looking for a home, nor does anyone sleep here – ever. In fact these people have more money and better internet tablets than you do

So why are crackheads camped out in the doorways of new tech companies of Mid Market? It’s because all the crack comes from Tenderloin Housing Clinic and Randy Shaws crack, pills, meth and heroin distribution centers disguised as homeless housing, which is just 50 yards from this – at the Seneca Hotel. This is the real reason Randy Shaw is strongly objecting to police redistricting in the Tenderloin and Mid Market because Randy Shaw wants to keep things just the way they are and have been for the last 20 years

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checking the address book in Mid Market

with 59% of all robberies in San Francisco involving smartphones, one woman has found a diabolically ingenious method of protecting her address book

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The Difference Between 5th and 6th Street in San Francisco

Here’s the corner of Market and 5th Street a few days ago

One block, 800 feet and 60 seconds away at the corner of Market and 6th Street

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garbage ringing the San Francisco Bay after storms

The San Francisco Chronicle reported on some rare fossil finds as a result of the recent storms around San Francisco, but there’s a darker side and that is the sheer amount of garbage and trash that is now ringing the San Francisco Bay like a giant bathtub ring. This is on the Bay Trail just north of the San Francisco airport and in an environmentally sensitive area

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modern biking in the Presidio of San Francisco

Ain’t technology wonderful?

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Astrid and Eric world tour – Dutch bicyclists arrive in San Francisco

Astrid and Eric are from Holland and are currently bicycling around the world. Here’s a blog from Canada this summer that mentions them along with some more info on how they are doing it

This photo is of Astrid and Eric today on the hill just north of Mill Valley. They are staying in Sausalito tonight and tomorrow in SF where they should be riding out this upcoming storm and continuing south after that on highway 1 down the coast to LA. So watch out for them cause they are nice people

Their website is at and they’re biking to support animal rights, which is a good cause, so good luck to Astrid and Eric

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Have a seat on 6th Street

We gotta get this guy a lazyboy or maybe a couch

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San Franciscos newest minipark

This one is in a brand new housing development in Bayview Hunters Point

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Alamedas Punishment Row

You can find Spank salon right next to the Caning Place, only in Alameda, California

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Crackheads of the Day #111

If you want to see four more years of this, then vote for Randy Shaw Jane Kim for District 6 Supervisor in San Francisco

New sign in the doorway of Marinellos School of Beauty in Mid Market, San Francisco, where all this takes place

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