Crackheads of the Day #107

the gentrification of Mid Market continues

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The new Zendesk doorway

Zendesk has moved into 1019 Market street, San Francisco and within the first 48 hours, it has become popular with junkies. Also posted on the stupendously astounding SF Citzen

Zendesks second day saw a mini party at the back door on Stevenson.

In this photo the upper blue building is where ‘Crackheads of the Day’ happens at 1035 market Street. You can see a small crowd of Zendesk employees on the lower right next to the blue trash bin

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Zendesk opening day in Mid Market

Zendesk moved into the newly refurbished 1019 Market building yesterday. The grand opening was attended by mayor Ed lee and supervisor Jane Kim

@Lauralockesf posted a nice photo of the front entrance on market street on opening day

But this was the front entrance on Market street

Just a few hours later, on the very first grand opening day, here’s what the back door on Stevenson looked like

So welcome to Mid Market, Zendesk!

I’ll give it 6 months before you’re forced to put an iron gate on the door. Here’s what the same door looked like under the previous owners, before it was refurbished. It shouldn’t take too long before it’s returned to it’s natural state of decay

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Crackheads of the Day #106

Mid-Markets revitalization continues full steam ahead!

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Randy Shaws Happy Housing #1

This used to be all working people in this building. Randy Shaw turned it into this and now it’s Happy Housing

Right in the middle of the San Francisco Mid Market tech revival. Literally 40 feet from Zendesk

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527 Stevenson gets a paint job

At the rate it’s been going, I’m guessing it might take another month or two before people start moving in. I hope they have sound proof glass, because eventually the new residents are going to have to get some sleep. Half the windows face directly over the regular ‘crackheads of the day’

you can see earlier versions under construction of 527 tevenson

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why ALL non profits should be monitored – MJ Isabell

Latest video from MJ isabell describing how the SF AIDS foundation is handing out needles in front a senior center resulting in the seniors feeling unsafe.

The SF AIDS Foundation also happens to be housed in the same building at 1035 Market where Crackheads of the Day is regularly located

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Crackheads of the Day #105

The Mid Market saga continues full steam ahead

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Somebody sold Fred meth again

THC has also continued efforts to address public drug dealing in key neighborhood hotspots. These include the Leavenworth Corridor and the first block of Turk. THC organized a large coalition of residents, workers, building owners, and merchants to work with the police in addressing these problems

From Randy Shaw’s own website

RANDY SHAW: No, that’s absolutely false. I mean, nobody has spent more time than me trying to reduce crime in the Tenderloin.
– From a PBS Newhour

Well, this is in one of Randy Shaw’s own buildings, in Mid Market, San Francisco and he gets it in the building, no need to go get it on the street

and if you think it’s new or the police haven’t tried, this is from 2 years ago, same Fred, same meth

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Tenderloin Housing Clinic master lease contract

This is one of the ‘master lease’ contracts that Randy Shaw pioneered in which his company, tenderloin Housing Clinic, ‘master leases’ a Single Room Occupancy hotel (SRO) from the owner and assumes almost all responsibility and effectively becomes the new landlord. This contract is usually not public as it is a private agreement between Tenderloin Housing Clinic and a private landlord and is separate from the San Francisco mayors Office of Housing Contract with Tenderloin Housing Clinic to provide services for formerly homeless people

This contract is public because it is included in a lawsuit in which a tenant sued 909 Geary, the Hartland Hotel because of noise nuisance from a bar housed in the building. It was then discovered that 909 Geary, the owner, is not responsible for the other tenants and that Tenderloin Housing Clinic is responsible because of this contract

This kind of ‘master lease’ contract is not very common and has caused initial confusion with attorneys and the press. The latest example being the San Francisco Chronicle which ran a story on the All Star Hotel and was then threatened with a lawsuit by Randy Shaw which resulted in a correction in the Chronicle

While it is true that the Department of Building Inspection only has the owner of the building in it’s records on file, the fact of the matter is that Tenderloin Housing Clinic is responsible for nearly all of the maintenance of the building except for ‘major structural repair or repairs that cost over 10,000 dollars’ because of this master lease contract

The contract is very clear about what the responsibilities of Tenderloin Housing Clinic are and spells out that THC is in fact responsible for 99% of the complaints that arrive at DBI. DBI doesn’t know this because all they have is the owners name on file. But even if the owner gets the complaint, the owner just passes it to THC because of this contract

Tenderloin Housing Clinic even goes so far as to rehabilitate rooms, by installing new tiles and repainting, tearing out carpets and installing new tiling in public areas, all paid for with city funds. THC has even installed entire community kitchens in the buildings, paid for with city funds, so that there is significant capital improvements to the privately owned buildings done with public money. This means that if the contracts ever get cancelled, the private owner has just walked away with free capital improvements to his building paid for with your tax dollars

And now for the first time in public, here is one of the ‘master lease’ contracts between Tenderloin Housing Clinic and the owner of 909 Geary. The actual contract starts on page 15 Continue reading »

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