Stevenson Lofts now open

After three years of refurbishing a previous industrial building, 527 Stevenson, now known as Stevenson Lofts has opened and here’s the what the front facade looks like now on the Stevenson alley side



If your interested in seeing some history of the project in various stages for the last three years

from last year

from 2012

April 2012

July 2012

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  • Live in the neighborhood

    those apartments are so fucking sad-looking

    • same midmarket neighbor

      let me clarify: for the insane prices

      • auweia

        yeah so far people aren’t leaping at it yet. only 1 tenant so far

    • auweia

      well it’s the only apartments built on the block for the last 40 years but there’s another one next to it next year

  • Jerry Jarvis

    I checked out their website and I was dazed by the amounts they are asking. I’m glad II’m no longer dependent on having to rent in SF any longer.

  • Eric Baird

    Thanks for writing about us!! In total only 51 units available but thus far almost 10 rented. Not bad for just being on the market 2 weeks. Move ins will be occurring over the next 30 days. Our 24 hour Lobby Attendant, one of which you see patrolling the front of the building was correct that as this writing only 1 had official moved in. Still in process is the roof top deck and dog run which we hope to have completed by mid September.

    • auweia

      yeah I can actually see more people going to the door from my window, I just can’t see the door itself, but there’s definitely more activity in the last few days. It’s good to see this. It’s a long time coming.