Randy Shaws Happy Housing #2

It’s a happy fight at the happy Mission Hotel in Randy Shaws happy Tenderloin Housing Clinic

And you’re happily paying for it

edit: this video has been removed and not by this blog (see comments). Tenderloin Housing Clinic has successfully covered up another scandal of it’s publicly funded non profit because if you’re a professional criminal organization such as Tenderloin Housing Clinic, the first thing you have to do is hide the evidence

This is the same Mission hotel that was the subject of another scandal involving management


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  • jack

    This video shows a tenant from the mission hotel fighting with a management staff member

    • auweia

      this video has been removed. I didn’t know this at the time, but if you’re right about management, I hope there’ll be an investigation. Unfortunately I don’t know who posted it, but it was obviously a video of the internal security video in the building

  • auweia

    yes I think so. It was sent to me by somebody over there think

    • jack

      Do you have any idea of who it could have been that sent it to you

      • auweia

        nope..he just sent a youtube link, so maybe try there

  • phil

    Can you remove this

    • auweia

      you;ll have to ask the owner

    • auweia

      oh yeah, and thanks for another cover–up at San Francisco publicly funded non profits

  • rejco

    Tenderloin Housing Clinic hasn’t met a homeless person they can’t PROFIT off of…..