It Crawled From the vault #55

It’s A Beautiful Day, Palookaville in Santa Cruz, June 1996

One of San Francisco’s true original psychedelic bands

This is the first time all the original remaining band members performed live since 1978. It was only because of a legal injunction temporarily enjoining the former manager, who owned the name, from pursuing any legal action (temporary stay on execution of judgement). That injunction has since been lifted and the band members cannot to this day legally use the name. It’s a very long story, and you can see more here on the main website

This original band, or as close as you will ever get to the original band, only did a handful of shows between 1996 and 1999, mostly around northern California. Only two of those shows were ever caught on video tape. This is the first reunion show in 1996. It was recorded by Boots Hughston in 1996 for possible later release on dvd. A VHS copy was given to the band members at the time and this is a copy of that. A dvd release of this show will likely never happen due to legal restrictions on the trademark of the name, owned by the former manager

The original band that made the name famous and actually won all their rights in 1968, was > David LaFlamme, Linda laFlamme, Hal Wagenet, Mitchel Holman, Pattie Santos and Val Fuentes. Linda LaFlamme left the band in mid 1970 and never came back. She was the keyboard player and wrote most of the songs. including White Bird (David did the arangements). After the original Linda left, the band started going downhill and by 1971 less than half the original members were left, and by 1973 it wasn’t the same band anymore, which is why the former manager gained control of the name again

Pattie Santos, the original singer, died in a car crash in Sonoma county in 1989. She grew up in San Francisco. She was discovered working as a checkout cashier at the old supermarket what is now Whole Foods at the corner of Haight and Stanyon in 1967

This is the original band in 1968

This is the band that performed at the reunion at Palookaville in 1996. From left to right, Mitchel Holman (original bass), Linda Baker LaFlamme (singer), Hal Wagenet (original electric guitarist), Larry Blackshere (keyboards), Val Fuentes (original drummer), David LaFlamme, (original singer, violinist, composer)


The original first album, recorded in late 1968, and released in January of 1969. One of the few remaining still sealed virgin CBS/Columbia (now owned by Sony) original copies, and no I ain’t selling!…and yes, this photo is with the sealed plastic wrap still on it

The It’s A Beautiful Day 1969 self titled first album is one of the few debut albuims in San Francisco history to be certified gold by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America). The only known existing copy of that is at the original guitar player, Hal Wagenets house in Mendocino county. Here’s an updated photo courtesy of his wife, Rosie

Thanks Rosie!

gold record

Little known fact about gold records. It IS gold plated, but it is not playable on any record player, and doesn’t have the album stamped on it..It’s just random grooves imprinted on it

Hal Wagenets wall of posters


the one show in 1968 that had all four bands in one night that at least some of the members were actually San Francisco natives.

New Years Eve, 1968. Winterland, San Francisco > Grateful Dead, Santana, It’s A Beautuful Day, Quicksilver Messenger Service


addendum, some more history via dustbury and if you want to try and get the original album on disc, I suggest you try doing some searching on Ebay and Amazon for the TRC German label release which were apparently much better than than the former mangers own SF Sounds release (those were also sued by the former manager because of a small piece of paper signed in 1968 by the musicians – a lesson now taught in University law schools as contract law, and changed music industry law forever > jefferson airplane, moby grape, it’s a beautiful day

Hard to get and expensive these days for the reasons mentioned above…but it still exists!

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