Jerry and the Jackhammers, live at 527 Stevenson, San Francisco

Jerry and the Jackhammers, live at 527 Stevenson, August 15, 2012, recorded at 44khz 16 bit WAV > MP3

We here at Bluoz try to get all forms of live music, including post apocalyptic industrial thrash metal. Brand new to San Francisco, Jerry and the Jackhammers have taken the Mid Market area by storm and are blowing away anything at Outside Lands this year. Not only does this band have the chops, but they have a 4 story stage! Metallica didn’t even have a 4 story stage!

This ain’t no Nu-Metal hair band crap, this is the real thing!

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double ax attack!




now now, I know this kind of music isn’t for everybody, but they have their small contingent of hardcore rabid fan club followers

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