Tenderloin Housing Clinic now biggest non profit in San Francisco

Three years ago the California Academy Academy of Sciences was the biggest. Two years ago, Tenderloin Housing Clinic was approved for 82 Million

Today, July 31, 2012, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors approved a record 91 million dollar contract for Tenderloin Housing Clinic. This is very possibly the biggest award in history ever given to a San Francisco city funded non profit

Here is a video from April 2012 at the Board of Supervisors with Randy Shaw saying that Tenderloin Housing Clinic is broke and can’t fix the carpets.

Here is the contract that the Board of Supervisors approved. As you can see, each of the 15 SRO buildings average 1 million dollars, not including the rent. 1 Million dollars just to maintain the buildings and provide ‘support services’


Here is the San Francisco Controllers list of all city funded non profits for 2009-2012. Only a handful get more than 10 million a year. many smaller ones no longer get any funding at all

San.francisco.controller.non.Profit.2009 2012

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