Jane Kim at the Hartland Hotel

Jane Kim and the corrupt Twitterloin Housing Clinic

District 6 Supervisor Jane Kim recently had an informal meeting with residents of the Hartland Hotel at 909 Geary, which is one of Randy Shaws buildings with Tenderloin Housing Clinic

She said some things that her voting constituents might find a little strange, like ‘there is a privilege in being white in this country’ (there’s 100 Million people in this country that might dispute that). This has also been picked up by Uptown Almanac

I’m curious, Jane, did you happen to mention this during your campaign in SOMA to all those privileged white people who voted for you?

Now, this might seem out of context, and SF Citizen thought so, so here’s the context surrounding this

As you can see, the subject was about gender relations and making separate floors for abused men and women. Basically Jane brought up race all by herself on this. Jane Kim apparently didn’t understand the concept of violent women and probably did not know about the female employee of that very hotel who bashed in the face of another co worker with a metal pipe—–in the very basement just below where Jane Kim was standing at the time

Which leads to the next question about drugs. In this video, a resident of Hartland hotel, run by Randy Shaw, tells Jane Kim that she is a new transplant from Louisiana, and has only been here 2 weeks. She does not do drugs and is simply homeless from lack of money. She tells Jane Kim that she recently had a nervous breakdown because she was placed in this building that has a lot of “heroin addicts, methamphetamine addicts and crackheads” and that it is unfair for Randy Shaw and Tenderloin Housing Clinic to place people like her in SRO’s like that and that Randy Shaw has a responsibility to triage and separate people who are not involved with the dope scene with those that are

Now watch as Tenderloin Housing Clinic employees and Jane Kim completely sideswipe the question/complaint, take it out of context, evade the subject, and change the subject, literally, into more affordable housing. This comes at the same time Randy Shaw himself is complaining about drug dealers across the street from his own office on Hyde

This is not the first time that Randy Shaw’s employees have deliberately sabotaged questions about drugs in their SRO’s, because this same Hartland Hotel with the same metal pipe face smashing employees on methamphetamine had a lawsuit about this — with a totally surreal evasive depositions under oath, —-by the head director of housing for Tenderloin Housing Clinic who was later convicted of embezzlement

Which leads to the next segment about the Mid Market tax break. This clip is Jane Kim and one of her aides talking about the tax break and how it benefits these residents

Now, if you’re wondering why Jane Kim is talking about Mid Market tax benefits in a Tenderloin Housing Clinic building way up in the Tenderloin at Polk and Geary, you’re not alone. The Bay Guardian had two articles on this, Behind the Tweets and Selling the Tenderloin. Furthermore, Randy Shaw was not just a major supporter of Jane Kims Campaign, one of his main eviction attorneys actually was the field coordinator for Jane Kim Eastern SOMA

In 2005, Randy Shaw called a similar tax break for Mid Market business that benefited the arts a scam

Second, the Plan should guarantee that existing community-based arts, cultural and entertainment uses get priority for what should become a guaranteed funding stream out of the revenue generated in Mid-Market. Otherwise, politically connected interests could get the bulk of funds while the groups who have been struggling in the neighborhood will not reap the benefits.

What Randy Shaw means is that his own ‘politically connected interests’ wouldn’t have been a part of that tax break plan in 2005. But now in 2012 it is with the new plan, which Randy Shaw now supports. This is why Jane Kim is way up in the Tenderloin talking about a Mid Market tax break at a building run by Randy Shaw

But the motivations are less clear for two other key proponents of the measure: Sup. Jane Kim and Randy Shaw, the Tenderloin Housing Clinic director and self-styled power broker for a part of town that he’s been seeking rebrand as Uptown.

Kim told us that she’s a progressive who philosophically opposes these sorts of supply-side economic schemes, but that she decided to champion the measure to keep Twitter from leaving and address blight in the neighborhood. Yet that doesn’t explain why she has drastically expanded the giveaway zone or made several public statements that aren’t supported by the facts, and Kim has stopped answering questions from the Guardian.

City Economist Ted Egan testified that there are no discernible economic development benefits to including the entire Tenderloin, and that the Twitter-induced economic boost would increase commercial rents. In other words, the primary economic benefits would be to commercial landlords.

At the same March 16 hearing, Kim claimed the measure will revitalize the Tenderloin without gentrifying it, something she calls one of her top concerns.

Shaw strongly supported Kim’s supervisorial campaign and is pushing this deal with almost messianic desire to call the shots in the neighborhood where he’s been building an empire with public funds for 30 years.


A Guardian investigation (see “Behind the tweets,” March 15) revealed that Shaw was a key architect of the deal: working closely with OEWD staff, adding properties into the tax exclusion zone, developing the talking points, rallying support for the legislation, and being given credit for the deal when city officials talked to landowners.

Being the champion for corporate tax breaks and large landlords is a new role for Shaw, who began his career as a progressive advocate for low-income renters, using lawsuits against landlords and social services contracts with the city to grow THC into a $25 million nonprofit corporation that controls much of the city’s single-room-occupancy housing stock. THC was a prime beneficiary of Newsom’s Care Not Cash program, which converted cash assistance for the poor into housing subsidies and support services, increasing THC’s government grants from $9 million in 2004 to $15.7 million in 2009. Recently THC was awarded a five-year city contract worth $82 million.

But if Shaw is still trying to promote the needs of the poor, he’s now doing it by casting his lot with landowners.

Jane Kim also specifically mentions the ‘mid market citizens advisory board’. In order to get the tax benefits in Mid Market, all of these new companies must give up some money and time and assets to local community organizations, which of course now includes Tenderloin Housing Clinic. The citizens board is a board that is mandated by the Board of Supervisors to make advisories about how that is spent.

It’s not just an article in the paper, it’s an ordinance. You can see how this is specifically set up to benefit a relatively small group of non profits, likely at the exclusion of hundreds of others


And now you know why we call it the corrupt twtterloin, because the same people are forcing companies to pay for the crackheads in the alley behind their business

For the record, the original video is 55 minutes and here it is in it’s entirety, via sweetbearcub on youtube who apparently uploaded this just yesterday and probably lives at the Hartland

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