crackheads of the day #57

Mid Market continues it’s revival, now with vintage retro crack pipes







New Mid market workers and crackheads together. This is what the future looks like




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  • LexBubble

    Hey, just throwing it in there that he is smoking crystal meth. You can tell by the pipe for one because it’s a crystal pipe, but also how the glass looks all white on the stem — crack wouldn’t do that. Plus you need brillo to smoke crack and it wouldn’t work right in a crystal pipe that has a hole in the top that is so small.

    Lol growing up in the hood you learn some…different things.

    • auweia

      yeah, could be, but i’ve seen people do it before out of those pipes..crack tends to be more yellow on the stem sure, but i’ve seen them turn white before

      those pipes used to be used for freebasing years ago…hard to say for sure, but it’s probably one of the two