Paul Hogarth lies

It’s somewhat amusing to see Paul Hogarth rehashing articles from 15 years ago in an attempt to discredit Matt Smith regarding this latest article in the Bay Citizen about affordable housing. Pretty tame stuff.

While Matt Smith might have opinions, and has made errors, he’s not actually making facts up

Paul Hogarth actually does make facts up, as in fabrication, which is far more egregious than anything Matt Smith ever did

GavinWatch Launch Party (Paul Hogarth)

In 1997 I was threatened with this letter by Tenderloin Housing Clinic, which Paul Hogarth is and was an employee of at that time. Shortly after that post, SFist posted this story about the threatened eviction. The problem now is that the comments are no longer available on SFist, probably because they started using disqus for comments after that

But the comments are still in the digital archive at Way Back Machine at

I work at the Tenderloin Housing Clinic. The City Attorney’s Office has told us that his cameras are illegal. And we are not — I repeat, we are not — evicting him right now.

[12] Posted by: paulhogarth | August 17, 2007 4:32 PM

Shortly after this was posted I received an email from Brock Keeling telling me that Noel Cisneros of ABC-7 news wanted to talk to me. It turns out that she wanted to talk to me about this specific statement that Paul Hogarth made on SFist. Noel had contacted the city attorneys office and they denied everything. Absolutely nobody had asked the city attorney about anything regarding the crime camera. Not Paul Hogarth, nor anyone at THC had ever contacted them about this issue, and the city attorney does not deal with such issues anyway (quite the opposite – the city attorney does deal with nuisance properties – which crime cameras help to document)

Paul Hogarth made it up.
Paul Hogarth lies
It was a complete fabrication.

Paul Hogarth is still an attorney registered at the State Bar of California and is currently the main eviction attorney for Tenderloin Housing Clinic

If you read the comments at SFist via the link, you’ll see that others were getting suspicious about that statement as well. Five years later, I’m still waiting for a retraction and apology from Hogarth. I’m not holding my breath

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