crackheads of the day #48

San Francisco is a suprisingly good dating city. It’s true, just check out these two on a date in the mid Market neighborhood



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  • Drake

    Okay…been watching your site for years and you happen to live by a place where crackheads are known to smoke…and it’s by a funded SRO hotel…and the SFPD aren’t doing much about it…and you key in on these points while ignoring the hundreds of people in city funded hotels who are doing their part for themselves and their community and your point is…the one’s smoking crack are the asshole?


    • jeff

      sorry, but this is what I see every day. Tell me something. What’s it like not to have crackheads outside your window every day?. I heard it was nice. I wouldn’t know, I’ve never been there

      you’re blaming me because this is all I can see out my window?. You know what the solution is?..Cut off all internet to the ghetto

  • RLM Stonebody

    Have you ever tried calling 911 every time you see someone smoking crack? That will get their attention. They distribute cops by the volume of reported crimes, those reports come straight from the 911 call center (aka SFDEM). Try it some time, it works.

    • jeff

      uh no, it will not get their attention. I’ve tried it for 10 years and the cops won’t do a goddam thing…Why don’t you try it. Watch the live cam

      call 911 and see what happens