Dear Arnie

dated July 6, 2009, regarding cuts to the University of California

full letter (PDF)

Dear Governor Schwarzenegger:
The three hundred signers of this letter write to you as members of the US
National Academy of Sciences, the National Academy of Engineering, and the Institute
of Medicine, and as professors at the University of California to express our deep concern
about the latest round of proposed cuts to the UC budget. Current proposals being
weighed by your office and the Legislature call for a 19% reduction from 2007-8 levels
in state support for UC, producing an $800 million shortfall in the UC budget for the
2009-10 fiscal year. This will lead to increases in student fees, reductions in pay or
furloughs for faculty and staff, and cuts in virtually all University services. These cuts
will be devastating to every part of the University’s mission, but as scientists and
engineers we are particularly concerned about their effects on the future of science and
technology in California. While we recognize that our state faces an unprecedented
financial crisis, the proposed cuts come on top of a decades-long trend of declining state
support for the University of California. The situation has reached a breaking point.
Further cuts of the magnitude being contemplated in the latest round of
budget proposals are likely to destroy UC’s status as the leading public university in
the United States. This would undermine prospects for economic recovery and
damage California’s competitiveness for decades.

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