THC vs The Shelter 2

updated for May 2008 this compares the total number of police calls for MSC South (200 beds) at 525 5th Street with the Seneca Hotel, a Tenderloin Housing Clinic supportive housing unit which is the next step after the shelter at MSC South.

note, another comparison was done last year, and original resolution scans of these images can be found in this Flickr folder

Both of these places have a nearly identical number of beds, so which is worse, the shelter or THC? (THC had 56 calls, while the shelter had 42, and compared to last year, both places are getting worse)

MSC South

Tenderloin Housing Clinic

the police codes

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  • You are so Great.Bluoz is truly doing the City a Favor.I was in The Fog myself for awhile until I had dealings with Randy personally lasy year.I was living at the Balmoral on Kearny and had sought help on a Tax Issue.Randy Shaw himself told the SRO collaborative Employee named Roxanne that SROs are not supposed to charge Tax after 30 days.Come to find out the City Law was changed acouple years ago and SROs are still taxed as long as they go week to week.This leaves a big problem.THe SROs will lie and say they have a permenant tennant and still collect taxes.This was a Change that Randy should have remembered being an SRO HOUSING ADVOCATE.Instead they gave me bad ADVICE.I went out on a limb and started the eviction proceedings.Guess where I went.That’s right the Eviction Defense Collaborative one of Randys Orgs.I eventuaaly found out I had no legal way to get the rent lowered from 170.00 a week to 150.00 without Tax.I was told by Roxanne they would help and when they realized their mistake I went over to Randys office and got a verbal from him that was Arrogant and not even close to apoligetic for giving me the wrong advice.He Did not CARE!!He blew me OFF and I guess he figured that was the last he would hear from ME.You Thought Wrong Randy!! I ended up just making a deal real quick for a week and leaving I did not want to continue the eviction proceedings.I had saved the rent so I did rent another room for a couple weeks but have not been able to obtain housing.I have been going through a Life change where I became too physically disabled to be a union Carpenter.I am on SSI since then and was seeking Help and received CRAPPY ADVICE form the PRO!I have been seething about a year now.I have waited before I started to criticize him so this is not Kneejerk it is MY FEELINGS about a BAD non Profit.I am a Baby Boomer Randys age and he disappoints me,he started out so Great and still provides a service but has built a political machine so he can run for office himself I believe.He alreday Influences the hell out of politics and I have not seen an IRS form 5768 yet.I was very upset but somewhat forgiving.Since then I have seen this Fiasco unfold.I started to pay attention to these issues like never before and have found Randy Shaws THC to be too big and Having Conflict Built in that costs the City Money.Is THC a Housing Provider or a an Eviction Defense Advocate.Being BOTH and handling claims against yourself in some respects seems like a major waste.It is Funny that Operation Dignity can gain control of their SROs using Covenant law why doesn’t Randy Explore this more instead of Paying Attorneys so damn much and Tying up the courts.THC is a Legal Nightmare.Face it Citizens we have a powerful Attorney running amok and he will continue to clog the courts.Randy is now suing the city because the awarded an SRO contract to another ORG.GOOD JOB SUPES.I say more of that needs to happen and we will house more citizens and defend less druggies.I see your Game Randy and it STINKS.Randy Shaw has become so politically powerful that no one dare speak up for fear of the Backlash.THC Get’s entirely TOO MUCH money for the services provided.The Math is FUZZY.Crunch the numbers of clients served verses the Money recieved.THC has not provided a Full acounting yet in a FEW years.They have bcome more property Wealthy and seem to forget to record this and pay transfer tax that everyone must pay even non profits.Randy is blatantly ignoring the call for the form 990.I am beginning to wonder if he and a couple cronies have been skimming and purchasung an island they will call Shawland and buying Condos in Belize with the Gang Kickbacks.

    • what happened to your blogs on Blogger, like audit THC now?