Tenderloin Scandal Clinic

the pot boileth over

"One of the largest city-funded Care Not Cash hotels was allegedly run as a home for extortion, drug dealing, and other vices"

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From what I understand, one of the fired employees signed every single eviction filing for ALL Tenderloin Housing Clinic buildings for the last 3 years at least. See for yourself in this section below. Her name’s at the bottom of every one of those PDF docs

also, Tenderloin Housing Clinic is currently hiring!. Yes, you too can become the next generation of pimps drug dealers loan sharks top notch employees! Because as long as it remains secret, as long as people are afraid to speak up and people fear the Wrath of Randy(tm), it’s guaranteed to happen all over again

also, here’s the original post about the restraining order mentioned in SFWeekly along with links to the two other blogs that picked it up (Sfist and SFmetblogs). It almost seems like the bloggers had an effect on the TRO when they didn’t show up after the postings, but I don’t think THC will ever admit that

update: Sfmetblogs and SFCurbed have an interesting take on it, thanks Mike!

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